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Technology Services


The Cell Reprogramming and Differentiation Platform offers cellular reprogramming and consulting services to the external researchers who request them [more information]


The Cytometry and Advanced Optical Microscopy Platform offers its services to those external users who request them. The platform also offers training courses to start or carry out new cytometry applications [more information]

Inbiomed offers contrat research services to industry and research centers/academy based on the use of stem cells and the undergoing research programs. Every project has a strcit confidential handling and results are obtained after a stringent quality control involving the contract research itself, quality standards, proccess development, GMP cell production, cellular characterization, etc..

Inbiomed supplies the infrastructure and materials required such as the white room laboratory for cell production (certified GMP and ISO9001:2000), advanced imaging and in house trained qualified personnel.

Cell Therapy and regenerative medicine consulting

Our expertise in cell therpy offers top grade sceintific and technical advise that covers all aspects of cell production:

  • Proccess development and optimization, upscaling.
  • Product phenotyping, potency and stability testing.
  • Quality control test development and implementation.
  • Shipping validation.
  • GMP production.
  • White room design, construction and validation.
  • Regulatory.
  • Regulatorio.
  • Product development strategy.
  • Master File development.
  • Investigational New Drug (IND) applications.
  • Peclinical study design.
  • Cell Banking service

Cell Banking

We offer our great experience in generation, characterization and mantainance of cell banks assisted by state of the art monitoring equipment in real time.


Cell Culturing

Inbiomed offers in house culture of cells for companies that lack tissue culture facilities for high througput screening, in vitro testing of molecules, etc..

We offer a wide variety of cells and formats to meet the requirements of our customers. Our services ensure assay reproducibility, quickness and consistency.


Virus Production Service

Viral Vectors Unit

Cell Reprogramming Service

Cell Reprogramming Unit

Cell Sorting Service

Cell Cytometry Unit

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